The Undeniable Marketing Strategy to Get Your Customers to Listen

Marketing has changed its landscape over the years, and it’s important to know what techniques are most effective in today’s marketing world. The old approach of a sales pitch is rarely effective anymore, and gone are the days of a guy in a slick suit cutting pennies in half with a sharp pair of scissors.

Nowadays, you need to offer value to your audience in order to get them to listen. To do this, you must understand the buyer’s journey; a topic that’s so deep, it’s probably best discussed in a separate blog post.

But the first step in the buyer’s journey is thought leadership, which is another way of saying you need to provide guidance, expertise, and authority on a given subject.

How does this work? Well, if you’re a marketer for home furniture for example, you can’t just jump in right away to talking about how beautiful and cozy your couches are (you could try, but much of your audience will likely tune out your ad). Instead, it’s best to start thinking about what your customer wants, and understand what’s missing in their life.

Do they already have a couch that’s worn down? Are they new homeowners looking to fill their space? Did they just get a huge raise and are looking to modernize their home? All these are important questions to ask your audience, as well as yourself in understanding the needs of what you should put out.

Ultimately, that means providing guidance in the form of expert analysis on what couches are popular, what price points will give the customer the most out of their budget, and what kind of environment they are trying to create.

Thought leadership content tends to be free-typically provided in blogs, social media, or free ebooks, but thinking about how to retain loyalty will get you to build an effective buyer’s journey. Without these initial pieces of content to help your customers, you risk losing out on an audience looking for that very thing you are offering.

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