A Look at the Future of Marketing

“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change” -Albert Einstein.

Being smart means adapting, and there is no field that requires adaptation quite like marketing. Staying relevant, effective, and ultimately, successful in the world of marketing means keeping up with trends, and adjusting your strategy accordingly. For individual marketers, your focus should be on making your clientele the most well known in the world thanks to the campaigns you’ve come up with. In order to do that, it’s best to look ahead. Here are a few projected trends in marketing that the future should have in store.

Mobile, Mobile, Mobile

Do you know anyone that doesn’t own a cell phone? If you do, they are in the very small minority. Pretty much everyone today owns a smartphone, tablet, or at least a standard cell phone. Even more so, wearable technology is quickly becoming the hottest trend in mobile devices. This is an extremely important consideration for marketers. With the constant growth and advancements in mobile technology, more and more people are going to be using these devices to access information all over the web.

Gear your strategies toward this. Consider the fact that it is more likely that your audience will be seeing these campaigns through the screen of a smartphone or tablet rather than a desktop computer (though those should not be totally excluded).

Customers Marketing for You

One of the most successful ways of having word spread about your business, or the business of your client, is to be inspiring your audience to do your job for you. This isn’t as simple as literally asking them to market your content, however. Market wisely, and in a way that attracts people. The more an individual enjoys your advertisement, the more likely he or she is to share it across a range of social media platforms. With the size of certain social media sites that we all know to be true, the campaign can, and most likely will snowball from there.

Whether people are filling out reviews online, blogging about your campaign, or just sharing it on Facebook, user-based content is an extremely effective way to expand your reach. The idea of collaboration between marketers and consumers will surely change the way we look at effective marketing.

Increased Engagement

The strongest marketing campaigns are those that engage their consumers directly. People are much more responsive to advertisements when they are able clearly understand them, so transparency is crucial. With that said, this trend will only continue, and consumers will begin to develop higher expectations of marketing campaigns. No one wants to invest in a company whose practices are unclear. For example, would you really spend money on a meal without knowing what it was made out of?

“Hip” Ads Will Lose Relevance

The millennial generation is one that has been in the spotlight for quite sometime now, and many marketing campaigns have taken note of that, producing content that is catered specifically to them. These include popular songs for younger generations in commercials, celebrities branding a specific item, and even memes. But, what they aren’t considering is the fact that people age with time. These marketing attempts will no longer be relevant, and marketers will have to change their strategies according to the next biggest generation, and what they are saying is “hip.”

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