Tech Strategies to Boost Your Blog Traffic

In the simplest terms, blogs are web pages that are regularly updated with fresh content. This mostly comes in the form of text-based posts that share information regarding one topic, or a cluster of closely-related topics.

To build a blog, all one needs is a web page. Taking out a WordPress or Weebly site is free, although buying a customized domain name often doesn’t cost more than $20. All that’s required to build a successful blog is experience, know-how, and consistent posting. However, simply writing articles in a blog isn’t guaranteed to draw in visitors. This is where you inner marketer comes into play.

Here are several tips bloggers can lean on to increase web traffic from technological standpoints, which could potentially earn them advertising revenue for the high numbers of web users that may visit their sites as well. Let’s look these as if we were Google crawlers.

Seek out a tightly-knit audience

All communities are different, including digital communities. While it’s never a good idea to write for blogs with topics you know nothing about, it is, in fact, advisable to tailor blog posts to communities that commonly share information with one another.

Look around online for such communities, typically found on sites like Reddit, message boards, or forums. A consistent brand is one that tends to be rewarded by Google.

Make certain to apply SEO strategies

Contrary to my previous blog, search engine optimization is considered a necessary facet of getting exposure on the World Wide Web. Even though some web pages are able to gain popularity without much or any effort expended towards beefing up SEO performance, bloggers should always research the latest SEO tactics and try and implement them into their writing.

Consider asking well-known web pages related to a blog’s concentration if they would backlink to its domain name. Despite the possibility one might have to fork over tens, or hundreds of dollars to earn a quality backlink, doing so is an effective booster of search engine performance.

Bloggers also need to encrypt their pages with HTTPS protocol, as well as increase page authority. These three variables are likely to boost any blog’s standing on the internet and its many search engines (ideally Google).

Don’t ignore analytics

Several free or low-cost analytical tools exist on the Internet for assessing one’s blogging performance. These programs provide valuable insights unavailable anywhere else, and even provide suggestions as to how bloggers can improve their search rankings, average user experience, and other pertinent characteristics. To ignore these is to ignore the internet’s way of saying “Here are the exact reasons why your blog is or is not receiving traffic.”

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