How to Improve Your Online Advertising

How to improve your online advertising


It seems like no matter where you look these days, online advertising is everywhere. For audiences, it can be a nuisance, but for online marketers, it can be the key to success. Many websites think of advertising as some sort of puzzle but it doesn’t have to be that hard. Following a general set of guidelines will have you creating ads that sell in almost no time at all. In this post, you will learn five tips for improving your online advertising.

Eye-Catching Imagery

One way to improve your advertising is to use images designed to catch the eye. You don’t have to run ads that are morally questionable to be eye-catching. Having images of people is always good, however, be careful of stock looking images or people with fake, casino-ad looking smiles. In addition, you won’t want to have an image overlapping text, this can cause problems with readability. Placing people to the left of your banner text can work wonders for the effectiveness of your ad. Looking over images can be a great source of training to see what is effective. The next time you are preparing an ad, look through images to find what catches your eye. Chances are, by looking through images yourself, you will get more of an idea of what holds people’s attention.

Good Color Scheme

Choosing effective colors for your advertisement can make or break it. Stick with colors that look good together. Research color theory and its effect on audiences. You’ll also want to stay away from many loud and flashy colors. Those who are newer to marketing will likely be in a rush to throw something together. However, if you’re picking out only loud colors this could create a bad ad. Neon colors should be avoided in your ad unless used effectively in small amounts. Having an advertisement that is loaded with loud colors can steer away potential customers. Yellows, hot pinks, and any other overly bright colors should be used sparingly in an ad, if at all.

Effective Call to Action

A call to action is a statement that is made to inspire a user to take an action. The particular call to action you may choose for your website may vary, depending on what product or service you are trying to sell. However, there is common call to action phrases like buy now or click here that can be used in almost any situation. You would want to try and come up with a call to action that stands out. You don’t necessarily have to reinvent the wheel, just come up with a phrase you don’t see all of the time. The biggest thing to remember is to clearly sell the benefit to the reader, otherwise you risk losing their attention.

Benefits Before Features

You should always be asking yourself, as a potential reader, what’s in it for me? Some advertisers become so worried about the visual effects that they neglect paying attention to why the reader should care. A reader will look at your ad for a matter of seconds. During this crucial time a user is viewing your ad, you must make every word count. The next time that you are preparing ad copy, try to make your message short and sweet. One way to shorten up a wall of text on any advertisement is to focus on the benefits. Most potential buyers want to know what’s in it for them instead of a list of features.

Having a Good Landing Page

You can create a great advertisement but what happens if you have a bad landing page? Unfortunately, not having an optimal landing page can make your hard work for nothing. A landing page is where the user will typically go after clicking on your ad, and it must be professional to get the attention you want. Taking the previously mentioned tips and applying them to a landing page will help make your sales funnel one that is always profitable.


In conclusion, following the previously mentioned steps can greatly improve your online advertising. Having a mixture of imagery that catches the eye and effective text can make any ad shine. Placing the benefits before the features of your product or service can greatly increase click through rates. Your call to action will be extremely important, ensure that your message is direct and to the point. Lastly, ensure that the landing page you are sending traffic to upholds the high standards of your advertisement.

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